Artist Profile.


Syra studied art at Hammersmith College of Art London before moving to Ireland in 1977.

Her work has been exhibited in Ireland England and America and is represented internationally in public, corporate and private collections.


Syra lives on the beautiful Maharee Peninsula in County Kerry with luthier husband Chris Larkin. Syra's paintings, like the changing and developing Maharee skyline, have evolved over the years into a very personal and often quirky view of the enviroment in which she has found herself. 


Artist View Point.

"When I start a painting I often have a very simple idea or emotion in my head - maybe just the way some one holds their head, a bird flying in the garden, a fleeting moment of love or sadness -simple but complicated emotions which are universal to each human being, although we all have our own unique way of expressing them."

 "People often wish you to define in some precise manner the style in which you work - it must be cubist, surreal, expressionistic, realistic.

 You become tied up in some neat package, 'oh this is an installation artist, a performance artist, a landscape artist'. That is your title your definition. Trapped like the typecast actor to play or paint the same character all your life.

Best not to set roles for yourself but just wait and see what the canvas will unfold.

Maybe a landscape surreal or one full of expressionistic swirls.

Which ever way you hold your brush it will always be unique."