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Looking forward to exhibiting alongside fellow artists/ Gerry Barry and Eithne O'Riordan this year during Féile na Bealtaine in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland. At An Diseart. Dingle. All are welcomed over the May bank holiday weekend. Thursday, May 2nd until May 6th. For further details, the full festival programme is now on-line.

"The Blue Ukelele"
Acrylic on linen.

On view this Easter weekend along with work by artists from The Dingle Peninsula at Oidreacht Chorca Dhuibhne Easter Art Exhibition.

Blue Ukelele.jpg
The Blue Ukekele


Syra Larkin with the artwork  "The Bride's Oblivion"
Acrylic on Linen
93 x 93 x 2.5 cm

Syra Larkin's "The Bride's Oblivion" is a mesmerizing acrylic on linen painting, measuring 93 x 93 x 2.5 cm, that transports the viewer into a realm of symbolic narrative and stark contrasts. The artwork captivates with its bold use of negative space, where the profound darkness of the background is pierced by the luminescent purity of a bridal gown.

"The Bride's Oblivion" evokes a sense of introspection, inviting interpretations around themes of transition, memory, and the passage of time. Larkin's work stands as a testament to the pivotal moments in life that are both an ending and a beginning, wrapped in the mystery of what lies beyond the visible. It's a powerful, contemplative piece that lingers in the mind long after the first encounter.

This artwork will be presented in its original form at the Cipriarte Gallery in Venice from 10th - 30th April 2024 during the Biennale d’arte di Venezia.

Want to come along to The Art Party let me know.

The whole ARTBOX team congratulates you and is looking
forward to a great exhibition!


The Brides Oblivion
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