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Syra Larkin   

Original Art Works

"Follow the narrative, it's in the art"
Shoreline Studio

Castlegregory Co. Kerry.


Shoreline Studio is now open again by appointment.

Please text or email to arrange an appointment:


I entered my painting "MOTHER SPIRIT"

"You can vote here: for up to 5 of your favourite pieces.

This ensures everyone gets a fair shot and that we can all enjoy a wide range of art.

So, go ahead and dive in! Explore, enjoy, and choose the ones that really speak to you.

Please ensure you are registered and then proceed to the "Judge" tab to make your selections.


Remember, your vote matters. 💚"
Thanks for being part of this/my journey, and happy voting! "

Mother Spirit

Images updated on Instagram

Account 1:



Account 2: Artworks

with sizes and prices


Payment by PayPal

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