If you would simply like more information or you are interested in purchasing a painting  please contact me .

Payment is by Paypal. You do not need a paypal account to pay by paypal.

Prints are on A3 Archival Paper & can  be done to order. of most of the Paintings shown.

Prints are unmounted and cost €50 . Shiipping cost depends on Location

The Musicians Hoard
Building a Harp
The Deep Note
Playing for the Birds
The Outline
The Red Plectrum
A Strong Relation
The Green Plectrum
Tamed & Cherished
The Butterfly
Soft Tones
The Night Flight
The Plectrum
Mr Odello
Tweety Tweet Tweet
The Flying V
Earth Tones
The Seeing Eye
The Luthiers Spring
The Protected Species
Guitar Player
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