Syra Larkin  - Shoreline Studio


Shoreline Studio welcomes you to Syra Larkin's web site which is in an on going work of art and design. There are many artists sites on the world wide web and every artist is trying to make their mark. We are told by the art marketing gurus, of which there are many, that it is important to make your site is clear, easy to navigate and professional, but perhaps above all, the site should reflect the artist and not quite how smart the web designer or the web programne is. My work is also all of the above but perhaps I should have added mercurial too. I have been painting for at least 40 years. I am neither young, emerging or mid career or perhaps in some way I am all of those. You can decide.


All artist need Feed back. Please don't forget to join me on my FB Shoreline Studio Page where you can see my most recent work and actively participate with

your own comments and suggestions.


If you have enjoyed looking at the work let me know. If you would like more information about any of  the individual paintings please contact me